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Poster: FREE WHEEL Date: Mar 16, 2017 9:54am
Forum: faqs Subject: Remove suspicious reviews

Recently some reviews have been placed on at least 3 of my sites (so far) which I believe should be removed because they are either attempts to phish or they are linked to advertisements. In any case, they are of a suspicious nature.
Currently they can be found on:

I have posted my own reviews warning people not to click on the video link!
Although the link remains the same, the reviewer’s name changes each time:
Reviewer: AndiLaurenZia - March 16, 2017
Reviewer: AlGadafiWon - March 16, 2017

I have contacted but not received a reply yet. Then I noticed that you were able to help someone remove a review.
I would really appreciate it if you could delete the review or at least inform me how I can delete suspicious reviews.
Many thanks,